It Was My Husband’s Idea

I’m talking about making soap. Yes, it was his idea. Funny thing, because it was right up my alley…or maybe it was my idea? Or we thought of it together? Either way, we are doing it, and I am pleased!

Soap, stationary, stickers, tape, candles, tea and tea cups, coffee…all of those things are or have been at one time or another, a “happy place” for me. Oh, I can add a few things to that list of happiness — like a Bed & Breakfast, pretty lamps, and quilts … vintage wooden furniture, pretty pillows … gardens and quail … peacocks … where am I going with this? Oh, it’s just to say “these are a few of my favorite things”, and today I am privileged to announce that one of those things I now get to create: HANDMADE SOAP — how dreamy!

But it’s not just about the soap, it’s not just about the body butters, or the sugar scrubs, the soap savers, and other pleasant things that will be added to our shop: It’s a lifestyle to allow us to work from home. But it’s not just about that either: it’s about something greater, something that will take a whole other blog post to explain and explore. THAT blog page is called “Together Giving For Life”. Thanks for being a part of that.