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I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was wide awake thinking about things. I finally realized that it was that ice coffee I drank in the late afternoon. I thought about the local pregnancy clinic. Did they need help to continue? Are they thriving? I had no idea. The building looked run down, and maybe since I am always DREAMING of helping, and not actually over there helping, I will one day find out that they closed due to lack of support.
I do give to Save the Storks so far, but I want to do so much more! And for decades… wait, really? Decades? Yup! How sad…. I have done only a few things that I can count one hand to openly stand for life. There was that one time last year that I offered to adopt someone’s baby when she told me that she was “getting rid of it”, but . . . I guess that’s what she did. 🙁
Why, oh why, has busy-ness gotten in the way of doing more? I was awake, so I grabbed my phone to see how I can help Morning Star Pregnancy Services, and found that the site is set up for people who need their services. That’s great! But I wanted to help and know how they are doing. I learned that they were in a new office now, so that explained the old office/house looking run down. I found a number to call, marked it down, and then got out of bed to crochet a baby blanket until I got sleepy.
When morning came, I talked to John awhile, and then got on the phone with them. No time like doing it RIGHT NOW even if it’s the tiniest monthly donation, and connecting with them to learn of their needs for items or future volunteering, etc. And you know what? That teeny, tiny monthly gift that I committed to, they were so grateful for!
And I am so glad I called because I learned that EVERYTHING you and I want to know to help them out, is on a completely different site! Would you like to see and help too, with your tiny start? I am so excited to find this! Join me in not dreaming to help anymore (or perhaps you’ve been helping all along), and let’s reach out to the moms and dads and babies who need us! If you are in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, here is our chance to love and help:

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