New! Shopping Wholesale is Now Available!

For a long time, we talked about this day and it’s finally here! You can now order Lathers for Life soap at a wholesale price for your “brick and mortar” store! Perhaps you have a salon, a coffee shop, a gift shop, a bed and breakfast — whatever it is you have, Lathers for Life soap in your business will add a happy touch (and can put more money in your pocket)!

There may even be those who simply want to make big orders for Christmas gifts and more. That’s allowed too. 🙂 I just ask that your order is over $90 plus shipping. Also, please remember that you will have to order 10 weeks before you can receive the finished product (the cure time can’t be rushed).

You will only be able reach the Wholesale Catalog through this post, or by contacting me (if you hit “reply” to any newsletter you receive from me, I will read your message). If you are not receiving the newsletter yet, you can sign up here:

So, yes, you may contact me if you want a copy of the Wholesale Catalog in your email inbox. Otherwise, here it is in this post, for 2022:

Wholesale Catatog
Lathers for Life 2022


8 Bars Spa Mocho Espresso Soap:

15 Bars Regular Fragrance Soap:

15 Bars Essential Oil Soap:

15 Bars Goat’s Milk Soap:

All soap comes packaged and labeled with the Lathers for Life emblem.

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