How These 5 Oatmeal Lavender Shea-Rich Soap Bars Came to Be

There is a little story behind these otherwise “simple” soap bars. You see, one day, I had an order to fill for Lavender Body Butter. That was nice and all, so I went to work to fulfill the order. I got together the shea butter (which is 50% of my body butter recipe), coconut oil, cocoa butter and grapeseed oil. A dilema was before me right away: I had two shea butters from different companies, and they were very different KINDS of shea besides. One shea was more like an oil, and the other was more like a stiff butter. The latter had the texture I needed for body butter, but I had discovered that it had a strong “earthy” scent that didn’t make a nice lotion for the skin (scent-wise, that is). So this time, I decided to use the softer oil-type of shea. It was smooth and pleasant and there was no strong scent. 

So I did all this work and put in all this time to make the body butter, sterilizing the containers, carefully filling them, etc. etc. — only to find that my fear came true: the final product did not have the body butter texture that is characteristic of them. So… rather than trying to use up this product, I decided to repurpose it into these lovely bars. I am quite pleased with the results! Turning lavender into something of a lavender-and-oatmeal-blend turned out to be DELIGHTFUL! I hope that you will agree.

Shea and Oatmeal Soap Bars are pricey due to the use of more expensive oils. A nice treat and kind to your skin. Only 5 available at the time of this posting. Here today, gone when they are gone.

I hope you enjoyed the story!

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