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The History of Soap Making

Learning about the origins of soap-making is interesting — and also strange. Apparently, some ancient soap we read about, was goopy and stinky. It’s nice to know that we can now enjoy soap that has been developed into something nice.


Soap production, distribution, and use has a colorful history. As I looked into it on Wikipedia, I learned of different types of soap throughout the world and over a long period of time.


It’s fun to see that even in the 13th century, the Middle East was producing soap as a major “cottage industry”. That’s kind of cool, because that’s what I’m doing now! Not a factory production; but a nice small-batch type soap-making produced from home. Shipping from my home to yours


It was also interesting to read that in England, there was a time that soap sales were taxed and soap-makers were regulated so that none could have soap unless they paid the tax. This meant that soap was 

only for the well-to-do at that time. It sure makes me think of “The Boston Tea Party” and America’s reaction to England’s taxation over tea. I didn’t know that they made it hard to have soap too!


I’m happy that I can offer YOU soap from my little “cottage industry” — from my small home in Pennsylvania. (I love Pennsylvania, and I’m proud to produce soap here, adding my part of the story of soap to the history books). What is your favorite Lathers for Life soap?



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