A Spotlight on “October” Soap (A Different View)

     So, I have to admit: I once again missed the window to make Pumpkin Soap for the Autumn line this year. But the good news is, I bought a calender for myself to be more organized with soap production, etc. Scheduling is extremely important, especially when we have a lot going on. With full time work in hospitality, traveling, family, etc., I find myself thinking about getting to something (like making pumpkin soap), but not successfully managing it in time for the season! Maybe next year… 

     However, October, for me, is not just a reminder of all things pumpkin. Growing up, my family and I enjoyed the beach “off season”. September and October cool breezes actually make me think of beach vacations (I know, totally different than most people’s view off beach weather). I loved the sweatshirt nights with going out-to-eat with relatives at the beach, or hitting the arcade, or cool evening beach walks… or better yet, a morning beach walk and out-to-eat breakfast!

     That’s why, for me, presenting to you “Sea Breeze” soap this time of the year is completely fitting. None-the-less, I plan to make it a point on my calender to properly present “Pumpkin Pie” and “Pumpkin Coffee” soaps by next Autumn (the calender will help me with that). But for now…

     Presenting… “Sea Breeze”:


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