Together Giving For Life

Here’s What Is On Our Hearts:

A portion of the proceeds from our sales goes to helping mothers to birth and raise their children. Our philosophy from a pro-life stance is: you don’t save the child in spite of the mother. Every effort should be made to encourage the mother to raise the child with adoption as the last alternative. Of course, we agree with adoption, but we don’t want that to be the first suggestion.

We believe that many efforts to prevent abortion have elevated the life of the unborn over that of the mom. The intent may be to speak for the innocent and helpless, and for sure, this is necessary. The problem, as we see it, is not the intent but the method. If the goal is to save the life of a child, it makes more sense to encourage the natural God given instincts of motherhood than to bypass them.

Initiatives that purchase ultrasound equipment and give free prenatal care and counseling are the kinds of things we are talking about. These methods encourage the mother-to-be to complete the pregnancy and go on to live as a loving parent. The mother’s circumstances should not be ignored either. Many situations where abortion is seen as an option are with young, single women. At times they have little or no support. They have no certainty as to how they will complete their education. In a lot of cases, they also have no certainty of the father being there for support either physically, emotionally, or financially.

It is not always an issue of convenience as is often the charge. Many times it is fear; fear of poverty for mother and child, fear of failure, fear of disappointing loved ones (parents). There is also the pressure to have an abortion coming from loved ones, friends, and even at times, the father.

Here at Lathers for Life, we think the mother should be affirmed — single or not. If we want to save the child, we should try to save the child’s mother. We support agencies and organizations that focus on the moms and help beyond the birth. We also look to sponsor events that address the pro-life issue and equip people to get involved. We are grateful to our customers who help us to help others. Thanks!

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