Letting Our Children Play (A Mother’s Musings)

One day, I said to my son, “You are going to have a babysitter tonight. Daddy and I are going on a date.”

He thought, and then asked, “Are you going to get married?”

“No,” I answered, “we already did that.”

This sweet boy continued with his thought filled questions.

“Are you going to have a baby?” he asked.

“No –“, I started, “I don’t know — only God says if we are going to have a baby.”

“Will He say it over the house?” came the last question.

Children so much fun and filled with wonder. Every part of their development is fun to watch and a blessing to be a part of. I didn’t say that it is easy. But it’s worth it and such a special gift to be able to play a role in the lives of children.

I love this kid! His questions that he asked me that day, were innocent as he was desperately trying to understand some things. And actually, I share in some of his inquisitiveness as to whether or not God will be blessing us with more children. I would love that! Truth is, I’m getting older and more tired, and well, I will be happy with more children if God blesses us with them, and I will also be happy with everything being as simple as it is with one child. Our son is such a gift from God as all children are!

I have my moments too, though, where child rearing is challenging. I realize that I may have had lofty ideas of being an amazing wife and mom, but I fall short all-of-the time! And I only have two others to think about: my husband and my son. Yet, with this small responsibility (compared to the huge families we all know), it is still a challenge for me at times. What I have learned is that you have to practice patience with one child, or with twenty. It doesn’t matter. All human beings have to practice selflessness and patience no-matter-the-number of people in the family.

I don’t journal as often as I’d like to, but it’s very therapeutic when I do. I’d recommend it to anybody. Over a month ago, this was one of my journal entries:

“I am blessed. I was thinking of how it’s good when a mother can sit to journal, drink coffee & read without being upset at a child’s noise. I found myself tempted to tell [my son] to be quiet so that I can sit in quiet. But then I realized that I have always liked the charming idea of a mother surrounded by the bustle of children’s noises as a part of life. The children are just active and playing.

“And so, if it’s ONE child, he should all-the-more enjoy his fun in childhood as he makes up loud stories with his stuffed animals. I mean, not only does he have no playmate here (other than [my husband] and I), but would I take away his joy of silly stories that he makes his stuffed animals act out? It’s loud, but I’m so happy that he is happy. I love him so and I am blessed.”

~ Shawna Marie (Wife, Mother, Homeschool Teacher, Soapmaker, Blogger)

2 thoughts on “Letting Our Children Play (A Mother’s Musings)”

  1. I love this Shawna. It is truly a blessing to have family and children. Regardless of what we desire in life the fact remains that God is in control of it all. I’m so thankful and grateful for my family as well. One daughter 15 and son. Two. Even with the challenges it is all a blessing to know that all of this is well worth it. The smile on the face of my family at the end of the day is irreplaceable.

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