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Just Settle Down to a Long Winter’s Nap

Today, I wanted to say something about our Lathers for Life Whipped Body Butter, but before I do, I wanted to share some thoughts with you that may completely change your outlook on winter (you may thank me later).  🙂

Winter can take a toll on us: little sunshine to cheer us up, extra time and energy to prepare to go anywhere (think sweaters, coats, hats, boots, cleaning off the car from snow and taking extra time to warm it up, etc), plus the winter leaves our skin a bit dry for some reason. (We also tend to get sick more easily, but with healthy eating, light daily exercises (polar walks anyone?), and lots of vitamin C, this doesn’t have to be as common.)

So yeah, it can be tough, but if we go with the flow of winter and it’s also cozy wind-down, there can actually be a benefit for us. We can get a little more rest with the longer evenings and nights, hopefully bringing us family-time over movies and board games as well as an earlier bedtime for “beauty sleep”. Maybe for the ladies, these days will mean that we have a little more time to take to curl our hair, paint our nails (but not our toenails since no one will see them! Haha!), apply a little makeup to our faces and enjoy these little things. And maybe for everyone, it’s time to read a book, try a new hobby, learn a language (at least to get started on it), and especially to spend family meals together since there aren’t so my baseball games or soccer practice. Maybe for couples, it’s a chance to have a few date nights, learn to swing dance or waltz. Really, the winter can be fine.

Do you worry about eating too much in the winter and putting on too much weight? Then avoid sugar, but eat protein and vegetables, and don’t overly worry about it (unless you are purposely on a diet and that’s okay too). I can’t help but think that God made everything work out just right. When you think about it, bears and other animals hibernate in the winter. This helps them conserve energy and survive. While we don’t hibernate exactly, there is still a pattern of rest that comes with change. I don’t see the problem with adding 5 pounds in the winter and losing 5 pounds in the summer. It seems to be natural and a little extra fat is a warmer. In the summer, we naturally are more active and less hungry. The balance is so perfect, so why not just go with it?

Now back to that beauty sleep, you must know that I’m not going to close here without making this special suggestion for your beauty and health regimen: that is, that just before you drift off to sleep, you might like to treat your dry skin to body butter. All night long, as you sleep, your skin will thank you and you won’t find yourself washing it off with daily activities! Sounds like a win-win as you are also getting that beauty sleep! With these thoughts and attitudes about winter, and with these lovely whipped body butter options, I think you could come through the winter and into the spring feeling thankful for rest and thankful for the new seasons!

About Featured Product: Lathers for Life Whipped Body Butter is made with 50% shea butter, while the other 50% is a combination of cocoa butter, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil.

2 thoughts on “Just Settle Down to a Long Winter’s Nap”

  1. Very good advice Shawna. We should embrace the benefits of winter, take time to rest and rejuvenate. I’m going to try not to worry about those pounds as much.

  2. Great article Shawna . You nailed the impact of winter on us all. The article spoke to a relaxation I’m sure your product will deliver to its users. I will be directing my other half to your article and products. Take care.


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