A New Angle for a New Look! Introducing “Rain” Soap!

Although we had a great snow over a week ago, here in Pennsylvania, we now have rain to ring in the new year!

No matter! I think we will have snow again later this year, so that will make me happy! Meanwhile, it’s fitting that today is the day I announce the latest soap in my shop, because it is called “Rain”. Nice!

“Rain” Soap Bars are unique to my shop’s offerings in this one way:  I cut them in a different direction! And why would I do that? Very simply because I was able to see a few unique designs that were only found when cutting the soap horizontally instead of vertically! It’s pretty cool, as you can tell from the picture! And when you buy one, you won’t know which fun design will be yours until you receive your order!

It’s possible that I will cut some other soap bars this way again in the future, but not terribly often because, unfortunately, it leaves me with a lot of soap trimmings that have to be rebatched. That is not very efficient or productive for me, but they are fun to make now and again! Enjoy this limited batch while supplies last!

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