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How to Have Glowing and Healthy Skin

Inquiring Minds Would Like to Know: How Can We Make Our Skin Glow?

As we age, we discover that time and handwashing, swimming in treated pool water, stress, and more can have a detrimental effect on our once-glowing baby skin.  Is the beauty and glow over for us by a certain age? I’d like to put forward the idea that self-care and thoughtful skin-care can keep your skin feeling good and looking good throughout your life.

Health Begins on the Inside

I’m not a scientist, nor a doctor, but I take great interest in learning the benefits of various foods, supplements, exercises, and general healthy habits. I believe that health begins on the inside. Think about the person you know who looked so tired when you saw them a month ago, but since that time, has gone on a very restful beach vacation. Do you notice how healthy and peaceful they looked upon returning home? I’ve made this type of observation (in a some similar scenario of observing the effects of rest). I submit to you, that no health product on earth can replace the effects of true rest! This is also true of sleep: If you need sleep, you can’t skip it — you have to actually go to bed and sleep to get what you need. There is no such thing as a pill that gives you 8 hours of sleep to allow you to skip this nightly event.

In addition to the definite need to get true rest and sleep (those are two different things, to be clear, and you need both), it’s also important to have a healthy diet. Never underestimate that importance. The good news is that a healthy diet is enjoyable. It seems like there were times in days-gone-by, when men and women suffered through strange diets to loose weight, but these diets, in my opinion, are not necessary. You don’t need to live on a specially made health bar and carefully measured out portions to have a beautiful figure. Go ahead and eat a steak with beet greens on the side (and flavor it up with some butter, salt and pepper). Go ahead and have a big, tasty salad with grilled chicken, salty sunflower seeds, mandarin oranges, cucumbers and more — and don’t forget to add some sweet, tangy dressing! Enjoy yourself! Eat your popcorn with a touch-of-butter, salt and lots of nutritional yeast (so delicious and good-for-you!). Eat four small protein and greens (or fruit) type meals in your day. Again, bon appetite! Don’t suffer though, but make your meals tasty! This way of eating can bring health to you, with the wonderful nutrients enclosed! And eating this way is so enjoyable, especially once it becomes a habit.

Salad is Enjoyable
Salad, when made creatively, is REALLY enjoyable! Include protein like chicken, steak, nuts, and/or hard-boiled eggs. Include great flavors with blueberries and strawberries! The possibilities go on and on!

What not to do? Don’t fill up on pasta, bread, and empty carbs (carbs are okay if that are healthy carbs like quinoa or sour dough bread — just to name a couple — but examples of empty carbs include crackers, white bread, etc.). And of course, run far away from sugar and soda. (And of course, habits such as smoking will also make health and glowing skin a difficult thing to achieve. If you find yourself in this addiction, your doctor may be able to help you quit.).

Supplements that I Personally Love

Vitamin C is a very necessary vitamin. We get it from eating navel oranges, tomatoes, kiwi, and many other things. Our bodies don’t self-produce this vitamin, but we absolutely need it, so we get it from our food. I personally started to take Liposomal Vitamin C , especially in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. It was also important to get my husband on it, as he was battling cancer over the last year. Throughout the last few years actually, I have learned a lot about health — including how important vitamin C is. Here is a very interesting article on Liposomal Vitamin C . You will see that this important nutrient can help us to attain glowing skin and a healthy heart. Vitamin C even helps with the production of collagen in our bodies, which is super-important to keeping your body healthy (especially your bones) and your skin looking youthful.

Speaking of collagen, I also like to put a teaspoon of collagen from Trim Healthy Mama in my morning cup of coffee. Collagen has such wonderful benefits, which you can read more about in this very interesting (long but good) article which is titled: Collagen 101: The Merits and the Myths 

There are other supplements that I have begun to take, like Cardio Omega-3 Fish Oil and CoQ10, but they are important to my individual needs, which may or may not be the same needs as yours. I haven’t done as much research on these to be able to tell you more. Maybe that’s for some day.

Are You Washing Yourself With Detergent?

I know you are probably thinking, who does that? Well, the answer is: you probably do! If you are using a soap pump in a public restroom, or a commercial soap from the supermarket, you are likely stripping your hands of the good fats and oils they need to keep. If you are one of those prone to itchy skin, you will especially do well to change this habit, but having said that, this habit-change is really for everyone. Soap is important to handwashing and bathing, but what type of soap is healthy for you?

There has been a rise, I believe, in small-batch soap makers. These artisans take the time to formulate a good soap bar that doesn’t strip skin. Many soap makers (including myself), plan our recipes by “superfatting”. That is to say, we add a little more oil to our soap recipes so that one can wash, but be left with a moisturizing effect after the washing. The change and recognition of the need for better, healthier soap, has even begun to reach the supermarkets after all — I’ve seen natural soap maker’s products in some regular grocery stores! At last!

Curing Handmade Soap
Handmade soap from Lathers for Life curing as the season of spring was just getting started.

Skin-Care With Good Soap is Easy

You don’t have to go looking far. I have just-what-you-need right here in my own Lathers for Life online soap shop. There’s a lot to pick from now, and more to come! Not only do I hope to keep you and your family enjoying healthier, happier skin, but I plan to roll-out new specialty items before Christmas comes, so that you can find additional unique forms of soap as gifts! You can stay informed of new items and sometimes coupons by subscribing to the fun and colorful monthly email newsletter called,  Lather Up!

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